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Hardwood flooring can be an ideal flooring choice for any part of your home as it adds classical beauty and brings warmth and value to your house. It is a beautiful choice for both traditional and modern designs of floors.

New Types of Wood Flooring Company Styles Available

Hardwood flooring comes in different types that bring about the unmatched unique beauty that can go with just any decor. This type of choice flooring can be used in the kitchen, bathrooms, or even the basement depending on what wood flooring suppliers you go with.

Do You Prefer Finished or Unfinished Wood?

These two differ in regards to the coat of the protective finish that is applied to the flooring before the final touch. Unfinished flooring is ideal for your kitchen as the finish will seal all the seams and prevent water from seeping into the wood. Prefinished hardwood flooring come from a wood flooring company that has already sanded and sealed the flooring and is ready to use immediately after installation.

We Offer Solid Wood or Engineered Laminate Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is a single layered piece of timber that can be sanded and refinished severally, making it susceptible to water absorption. On the other hand, engineered hardwood has several layers of wood underneath giving it excellent stability. It can be used for flooring bathrooms and basements.

The Best Types of Replacement Wood Flooring

Most hardwood flooring stores stock oak flooring, cherry flooring and maple flooring which are excellent choices. Other species include bamboo, mahogany and walnuts. Another option for hardwood flooring is the salvage flooring which is much cheaper. This is a good choice for those that are planning to do renovations.

A Homeowners Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are beautiful and also very stylish in both modern and rustic designs. Apart from this, they are easy to clean and require very little maintenance.

The main disadvantage to using this type of hardwood floor installation, is the issue of seeping water. They need to be wiped every now and then after a splash of water, especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen. If they seep in water the floor warps, then swells, and before long the wood will start rotting. At this point, your investment has been ruined and the project will need to be done over.

Flooring Companies That Install Hardwood Floors

The first step would be to choose the species of the hardwood desired for a specific room. Then you should measure the room so that installing hardwood floors will be sure to fit well without mistakes. The next step is to check the subfloor and fix it if it has faults. Then you should roll out the vapor barrier paper. After that, start the installation process by placing the boards and filling all the gaps.

The Final Step is to Maintain Your New Flooring.

Before making a trip to your hardwood flooring store, you should first consider the type of subfloor you are covering and the part of the house that you want to install it.

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