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Cut and Loop Carpet

Cut and loop carpet is generally a style of carpet that allows for elegant textured patterns. The varied levels of uncut low loops, mixed with evenly cut top loops, creates a pattern of beautiful textures that you can feel with your feet. It’s also popular because of its ability to disguises footprints and vaccuum cleaner tracks.

The cut and loop carpet fibers are looped like Berber carpet and some of the fibers are then cut forming the pile. This allows the manufacturer to create about any kind of design in the carpet, either a geometric shape, abstract artwork, or even custom mixtures.

How Is Cut and Loop Carpet Made?

You’ll find that there’s a bigger selection of styling in cut and loop carpet. Most of the designs have moved away from the “sculptured” look of old, and into a more modern geometric design direction. Today, styles include small squares, or various diamond-shaped patterns are made by having the outline of a shape contrast the actual shape with a different cut to the pile or loop as the case may be.

Buying carpet for your home is one of the most affordable home improvements you can make, and yeilds one of the largest ROI (return on investment) as far as increasing the value of your home. It provides excellent value while providing you with a multitude of design options. Additionally, cut and loop carpet is much easier to replace, is cost efficient, and a lot cheaper to replace than a hardwood flooring option.

Purchasing Cut And Loop Carpet With A Textured Surface

Inevitably, over time your tastes change after a few years your ready to remodel the flooring again. Cut and loop carpet will be much easier to change when you’re ready for a new look, and you won’t have the guilt of replacing expensive flooring.

Cut and loop carpet is pleasurable to-the-foot, easier on little ones feet and knees, and helps to prevent slips and cushion falls. It’s a natural insulator against the cold and drafty floors, and its insulating properties can reduce the cost heating and cooling your home.

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The elegant colorations of this traditional cut and loop carpet style are perfect for the casual yet sophisticated. The brilliantly clever, understated patterns create a certain flare all its own. The trend setting modern fiber innovations have made the nylon extremely soft, yet the most durable.

The cut and loop carpet style is like the royalty of carpet choices because its patterns are sophisticated and luxurious. Unifying this partnership of sytle and durability not only results in a beautiful flooring option, but also provides a winning combination of performance and fashion.

Recommendations for cut and loop carpet would be Residential Stairs, Hallway, Family Room or Home Office.

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