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Frieze Carpet

Ever hear the term “coming back in style”? Like everything else, carpet styles and terminology change every few decades like the term ‘Shag’ carpet, which is now known as Frieze. It’s here to stay for the foreseeable fashion future. The biggest reason that frieze’s durability is widely known, is because of its quality construction.

Frieze carpet is an old fashioned type of cut pile carpet which is made from long twisted soft fibers. The individual curling of the carpet fibers creates a slightly informal but classy look which is known for hiding a multitude of stains.


Frieze Performance – High Traffic & Sound Deadening

Frieze is also characterized by sound deadening fibers that have a density to them. In terms of durablity performance, it’s definitely tough enough to withstand the high-traffic areas of your home, and will not show footprints and dirt as easily as some competing styles of carpet.

It’s suitable for a more relaxed décor, and is soft and cozy enough for bare feet while the look of it makes you want to take your shoes and socks off and sink your toes into it. Our room recommendations for this type of carpet would be the dining room, living room, hallway, Residential Family Room or Home Office or even the Bedroom.


How Frieze Carpet Is Made – Resilient & Beautiful

This type of Ishaah carpeting is made by knotting the pile through a stiff, wear resistant backing and then cutting it precisely to ensure that it’s all uniform and longer in length. The fibers used to make frieze carpeting are long and lightly twisted so that they are crush resitant and springy, and they are usually made from the softest textiles so that the carpet will feel especially good on bare feet.

Frieze carpet can be installed as a wall to wall flooring solution, and it’s also possible to get area rugs, or throw rugs in a frieze pile design. This style of carpet is for the discretionary Ishaah carpet buyer who wants a more subtle casual look that’s easy to keep looking new. Many of our customers are reminded of the 1970′s shag carpet when they see the frieze style.


Frieze Carpet – Not Your 1970’s Shag Carpet

This is not true though. They look alike, but the yarn is denser and shorter and will never need to be raked to look nice. Buying a frieze carpet solution gets you a really low maintenance Ishaah carpet.

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