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Should I Install Laminate Flooring In The Kitchen Or Bathroom?

Laminate flooring in kitchen or bathroom is without a doubt a vital aspect of homes interior. Deciding on what laminate installation to settle on can be daunting considering the array of choices and the fact that this is something you have to live with for a long time or maybe not.

Laminate flooring is a synthetic product that’s made from multiple layers of material compressed together. It’s top layer is imprinted with textured wood grain to mimic real wood, ceramic flooring or even natural stone. Laminated flooring has a list of desirable qualities which include:

  • Cheap in comparison to its counterparts
  • Laminate installation is easy.
  • With its tight tongue and groove snap-click, a DIY enthusiast can easily install this kind of floor within no time

Most laminated floors can withstand wear and tear, scratches and even moisture. Laminate flooring in kitchens is ideal especially for people with children and pets because these floors do not stain and are very fade resistant. Customers really like that:

  • UV rays protection is integrated during their manufacture which ensures zero to minimal chances of fading
  • The best laminate flooring brand usually does not need gluing or nailing and therefore they can be place on top of other materials such as concrete
  • They are easy to maintain. There is no need for wax or polish; a vacuum or a damp cloth will do the magic
  • Laminate floors are versatile and can look like any high end hardwood or even natural stone there is in the market
  • Most laminate flooring brands incorporate antimicrobial resin during manufacture which ensures that hygiene is well represented
  • Since laminated floors are not the real hardwood, they are considered eco-friendly
  • They are conveniently packaged in either tile form or 4 foot strips which are portable and highly convenient

It’s not always sunshine and unicorns for this type of flooring. Some of the cons or disadvantages associated with laminate flooring include:

  • They may not always be appealing to the eye especially if they are of low quality
  • Laminate floors are not easily repairable, they cannot be sanded or refurbished when they wear which means all have to be replaced. It is probably a good thing that an individual scratched or worn out piece can be replaced but there is great likelihood that it will not match with the rest.
  • Laminate flooring near me in bathrooms can be a disaster. Moisture is prone to get into the core board which can lead to mildew infestation, warps and swelling of the laminate tiles. This is the main disadvantage of using laminate flooring in bathroom.
  • Glue used in some laminated floors contains formaldehyde can be toxic pausing health and life threats.
  • Can Be Noisy / Squeeky

Despite factors such as budget, personal preference and lifestyle being a major influence in choosing flooring, you can never go wrong with making an informed decision regarding your laminate flooring in kitchen and bathroom options.

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