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When you want to be pampered with softness underfoot, you’ll want to give serious consideration to our Ishaah Plush Carpet line. Customers who purchase plush carpet for their homes, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior stain resistance, and low maintenance.

The popular plush carpet line available today is always one of the most asked about carpet choices at Ishaah.

Plush carpet is among the most conventional of carpet choices, yet it remains extremely popular due to its pampering soft feel and unmatched versatility. In modern times, you can get plush carpet in an almost limitless selection of textures, patterns, colors, and of course, styling.

How Plush Carpet Is Made And What Makes It “Plush” Carpet?

To better understand the success through time of plush carpet, you need to understand the pile. “Pile” is a reference to the fibers that make-up the visible surface of plush carpeting. Plush carpet construction calls for small tufts of twisted fibers to be spaced closely.

Another staple of plush carpet is that it has a relatively high and evenly cut pile, but having a slight twist and puff to each carpet fiber. This construction method has a tendency to make the plush carpet show footprints and vacuum tracks more easily.

Purchasing Plush Carpet With A Textured Surface

If you find this characteristic to be a deal breaker, you should consider the option of purchasing plush carpet with a textured surface – or pick a carpet with a higher/taller pile, such as the “Frieze Carpet” type (which you should definately investigate if you haven’t already).

Most plush carpets are considered to be low maintenance but luxurious, making them a most popular choice for parents, busy homeowners, or people who flip houses. It makes a stunning impression, and most modern plush carpet comes pretreated to resist dirt, grease, and stains.

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Today, customers face so many choices in carpet fibers, styles, colors and patterns, that it’s smart to start with a free in-home estimate and design consultation from Ishaah flooring and carpet sales.

Plush carpeting has a cut pile that is distinguishable by a weave that is both smooth and thick. The actual cut of the pile gives the impression that it has been perfectly and uniformly cut. This gives a desireable appearance of the carpet surface for many homeowners. This type of carpet solution is widely available and comes with many product options. It is a recommended residential carpet type for living rooms, bedrooms, and basements.

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