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Tips For Choosing The Right Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is without a doubt one of the most beautiful final touches you can do to a house during construction or renovation. As such, this could be a challenging and complex affair to balance. So, this leads us to the question, what are the best tiles to use when remodeling a kitchen or high traffic bathroom.

Choosing A Great Bathroom Tile Flooring Pattern

Selecting the best tile flooring pattern in a bathroom can be a big deal. Your choices should not only look beautiful but also serve you well when it comes to a comfortable steamy shower, bath hating pets, aging parents and even the playful nature of kids. Among other things to look out for, you should test for moisture absorption, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, friction, brittleness and resistance to abrasion as well as being low maintenance.

When tiling a floor, the choice will also depend on who is to use the bathroom. For children, a floor that can withstand splashes and prevent slipping is the most suitable. In this case, rubber and vinyl tiles would come in handy. The same will apply to to the elderly people who, incase of slipping and falling, they would land on a shock absorbent floor.

Picking Ceramic Tiles For Your Flooring

Ceramic tiles have been a common option for flooring, and this is for a good reason. They are easy to clean, provide a hygienic surface as well as being impervious to water. These floors are also designed with more texture than ceramic wall tiles to prevent slippage. Their drawback is that they are very cold in the morning and would need an underneath radiant heat to keep warm.

Many Colorful Porcelain Tile Flooring Choices

Porcelain tile flooring is not very similar to ceramic as it’s made from firing (heating) a denser clay for a longer period of time, making it harder and less porous. The advantages of using porcelain are that it’s durable, easy to clean, light weight, easy to lay, provide a hygienic non-porous surface, impervious to water damage and resistant to stains. However, the cons are that they’re cold even in a warm climate and need a heating source from underneath to make them comfortable in a bathroom remodel.

Also, you could experience noticeable abrasions to the porcelain from using inappropriate cleaning detergents.

Budget Concience Vinyl Tile Installation

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are the modern day thing. They are water resistant, stain resistant, hardwearing, impervious and much warmer compared to ceramics. However, vinyl can be slippery when wet and so you should choose a variety that provides traction. Also, water may sip through the seams and make the subfloor dump and it could rot.

Preparing the Tile Sub-floor Before Installation

The preparation of the tile subflooring is vital to the lifespan of your new Ishaah tile floor. The sub-flooring should be leveled and if it’s concrete, it should be allowed to completely dry first before laying out the tiles. Tile flooring contractors often recommend tiling the whole floor during installation and not just the entry areas, for a clean and beautiful tile floor that with no gaping cracks or missing grout.

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