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Get New Vinyl Tile Flooring Installed In Your Bathroom

Vinyl tiles are produced by vinyl flooring manufacturers as alternatives to linoleum because they’re colorful, easy to clean, water and crack resistant, hardwearing and much warmer than their counterparts; ceramics and porcelains. Vinyl flooring basically comes in two types. Sheet flooring where it comes in rolls and the tile flooring. Tile flooring is however popular as it has patterns and resembles other floor fitting tiles. They are commonly installed in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Advantages of Using Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is durable and can be installed in places that has high traffic without the fear of wearing out. Moreover, it is very comfortable under foot as it is soft and warm. Vinyl tile flooring also reduces the noises made by shoes and paws of pets and can therefore be used in an environment that has children and dogs. Apart from these, they are very colorful and come in a variety of patterns that can match and suit every decor.

Vinyl flooring is also resistant to water and dirt giving it an upper hand over other types of flooring. When it comes to cleaning vinyl, no special procedure is required as you can simply sweep or even mop.

Disadvantages of Using Vinyl Flooring

The main disadvantage associated with vinyl flooring is that it is made of PVC. This means that apart from emitting the volatile organic compounds, the flooring cannot withstand heavy loads. PVC also makes them vulnerable to sharp objects that may poke holes right through them. However, there is an audible sigh of relief as vinyl flooring manufacturers are beginning to use less PVC.

Apart from these issues, the colors of vinyl plank flooring can start fading if it is exposed to too much direct sunlight. Finally, whereas the installation process is very simple, a lot of work is put when preparing the subfloor.

The Vinyl Tile Installation Process

When starting the vinyl tile installation process, you first need to have the appropriate tools. These tools may include carpenter’s square, tape measure, utility knife, safety glasses, chalk line, roller and a trowel.

Also, you should be able to locate vinyl flooring near me for your preferred pattern. The first step is to plan the layout and to consider the thickness of the floor. Then you should prepare the subfloor by putting down the underlayment of plywood and fill any holes or cracks with a filler. The third step is to measure and find the center of two opposite walls using a chalk line, diving the room into two.

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You can then do a trial fitting by laying down the tiles without using adhesives. After doing the adjustments, you can now lay down your tiles starting from the center toward the wall and following the chalk lines using adhesives. After installing the tiles, press them firmly to the floor using a roller. The final step is to allow the tiles to sit without disturbance to allow the adhesive to set in.

As we have seen, the advantages of using vinyl outweigh the disadvantages. They are therefore very reliable and affordable to use.

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